“31 Days of Struggle – Learning To Find Joy In The Midst Of A Season Of Hard.” – Day 3 – What’s Your ‘Fight Song?’”

When you’re in the middle of a hard season of struggle, what’s your fight song? What song inspires you to soldier on and get through it?
I bet you’re thinking that mine is Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song”, am I right?
Well…it’s not.
My fight song is “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift. Don’t laugh. It totally is.
I first heard this song one night late last year after a really hard snot-cry. I was feeling so down. I went to youtube, looking for some inspiring music to listen to, trying to find something to lift my spirits and this song came on.
It instantly changed my outlook. I went from hopeless to hopeful in seconds. You cannot stay in a bad mood after hearing this song. This song makes you break out into the biggest smile. Instantly. Seriously, it does.
Yes, there are more “inspirational” songs I could be inspired by but this song resonated with me so much deeper than I can even explain.I even choreographed moves to it that I perform in the privacy of my living room. When I have a bad day, I put on Shake It Off and I dance crazy silly, with the music blaring and I feel great doing it. In a word, my moves simply ROCK! I’m 45 and instantly I’m transported back to being 14 again when I used to dance in our family room to the Footloose soundtrack. Shake It Off makes me feel 14 for a moment and I forget all the weight of my struggle. And that’s a great thing.
I believe we all need a good fight song. A song that gets us out of our chairs and gets us dancing. A song that inspires us, in the middle of those hard times to keep fighting on. To not give up. To find hope in the darkness.
Go find your fight song. Go find a song that inspires you to get out of the chair and dance like you’re 14 again. A song that gives you hope when you feel hopeless.
So, what’s YOUR fight song?
Here’s mine:

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