You Are God’s Treasure

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Writing my first book, “You Are God’s Treasure”, was quite a personal journey for me.

I began writing it in January, 2000. For the next year, I wrote sporadically and slowly it started taking shape.

The writing for the book came to a sudden halt when my father unexpectedly passed away in January, 2001. I honestly lost my motivation and inspiration to complete the book. So the book was shelved.

In 2008,  a friend of mine asked me what happened to the book that I was writing. Feeling re-inspired, I started writing for the book again in April, 2008 and decided to write non-stop for the next year. Then, I got busy with other writing projects so the book got shelved once again until I dusted it off this past Summer, 2012.

After fourteen years after I first started writing it, the book was finished. I am working on getting it published and in your hands very soon!


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